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Vibrant Network



We love to think interdisciplinary. Therefore, we are interacting with a global reach and vast network.


It consists of customers, partners, start-ups, and established technology providers. 

There is not only one technology, one provider, or one method. The combination will facilitate tomorrow's advantage. That’s why we believe in our network!  

You can be part of it!  

Only with the help of different experts, technologies, and partners we can enable and execute the best possible supply chain visibility. As a result, we are looking always to grow efficiency and the sustainability factor!  


We are executing the different types of events to strengthen our network. We invite keen experts, power-users, developers, and manufacturers to collaborate and go beyond! 

Coffee-Tech-Talk (CTTs)

Business breakfast

Hand-on Meetings

Learning -Lecture

You have an individual question or you want to join – just contact us!  

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