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AutoID & IoT

Automatic Identification or Data Capture is a key to transform physical data into digital. Traditional methods are QR/Barcode scanning or RFID reading. Multiple technologies evolved significantly in the last years. Therefore, we have a broad range and various forms to capture your data. In combination with the “Internet of Things” (IoT) mindset further data capture workflows and faster digitalization processes are possible. Moreover, we provide consulting and integration services into your Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) or software eco system.

| Biometric identification like Motion Tracking or Fingerprint

| Optical identification like Barcode, Dimensioning, or LIDAR

| Advanced data capture like Surface & Weight Measurement, Sensors, or RFID

| Printing Solutions like Labels & Tags as well as Additive Manufacturing (AM) / 3D-printing

| Logistic Systems like WMS incl. consulting around SAP S/4HANA or track & trace and last-mile

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