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Spatial Computing & UC

Spatial Computing & Ubiquitous Computing (UC) are two major concepts of today covering various technologies. UC is a concept where computing is made to appear anytime and everywhere. This concept transforms how technology integrates into our daily lives, allowing seamless computing across various devices, locations, and formats. Spatial computing, also known as immersive computing, is a computing concept that closely merges physical space, virtual space and user interaction. Spatial computing includes the areas of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR). Full immersive tech describes the direct interaction and a direct exchange of information between humans and computers, for example via thoughts.

For us, embracing Spatial and Ubiquitous Computing aligns with our commitment to innovation and technological leadership in supply chain management and beyond. These technologies can enhance our solutions in warehouse operations, inventory management, and last-mile logistics, offering our clients cutting-edge tools to optimize their workflows. Additionally, our involvement in startup incubation positions us to leverage these technologies in nurturing groundbreaking ideas and ventures.

| Wearable Computing | Mobile Computing | Computer Vision | 3D Models & Holography
| EDGE Computing | Embedded Computing

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