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Founded in 2020 in Germany, MH-Invelopment GmbH began its journey with a clear mission: to provide professional and unparalleled advisory services in technology transfer and supply chain optimization.


Our dedication to fostering efficient, sustainable workflows has positioned us as innovators and visionaries beyond traditional boundaries.

Our Evolution

In just a few years, MH-Invelopment has transcended its initial goals, evolving into a conglomerate of intellect, innovation, and influence. Our journey has seen us co-founding further companies, each a testament to our commitment to advancing technology and efficient workflows within the supply chain universe and beyond. Our portfolio now includes cutting-edge ventures in AI & Digitalization, reflecting our diverse yet focused expertise.

Understanding the importance of synergy and collaboration, MH-Invelopment has established strategic partnerships across various industries. These collaborations not only enhance our service offerings but also ensure that we remain at the forefront of technological advancements and industry needs. Our network includes startups, established tech providers, and stakeholders across Warehouse and Distribution, Manufacturing, Field Operations, Transportation and Logistics, Retail & E-commerce sectors.

Our Core Beliefs:

  1. Evolving Complexity: Navigating the complexities of modern supply chains with innovative, forward-thinking solutions.

  2. Visibility as a Keystone: Ensuring every process and workflow is transparent, optimizing business efficiency at every turn.

  3. Collaborative Excellence: Unparalleled visibility is a team effort. We bring together diverse experts, technologies, and partners to craft effective solutions.


Beyond Supply Chain: A Diverse Tech Landscape:

While our roots lie in supply chain solutions, our passion for technology propels us toward a variety of emerging fields. From startup incubation to developing spacial computing technologies for diverse applications, our quest for innovation knows no bounds.

Looking Ahead:

The future of MH-Invelopment is not just about growing our portfolio but also about deepening our impact. With each strategic partnership, new venture, and technological breakthrough, we aim to redefine what's possible, driving forward with sustainability, efficiency, and innovation at our core.

Together, we're not just navigating the future; we're creating it.

Discover the future with MH-Invelopment GmbH. Let's redefine the boundaries of technology and efficiency, together.

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