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MH-Invelopment GmbH was founded in 08 / 2020 by Manuel Haupt.

Vision: Connecting people, components, machines, and robots within the physical and digital supply chain universe to enable sustainable and efficient workflows.

We love technology. We believe that technology will help us to enable sustainable and intelligent workflows.

Empowering Your Supply Chain:
A Vision for Today & Tomorrow?

At MH-Invelopment, we're not just about providing solutions; we're about redefining them. Specializing in elevating supply chain visibility, we ensure that every aspect of your workflow is transparent, efficient, and future-proof. However, our expertise doesn't end there. We're also committed to fostering innovation beyond the supply chain, supporting startups, and exploring cutting-edge technologies in diverse domains.

Our Core Beliefs:

  1. Evolving Complexity: Recognizing that supply chain processes are increasingly complex, we strive to stay ahead through innovative thinking.

  2. Visibility as a Keystone: We emphasize clear and comprehensive visibility as crucial for optimizing business efficiency.

  3. Collaborative Excellence: Unparalleled visibility is a team effort. We bring together diverse experts, technologies, and partners to craft effective solutions.


Beyond Supply Chain: A Diverse Tech Landscape:

While supply chain solutions remain our primary focus, our passion for technology drives us to explore and invest in a variety of emerging fields:


  • Startup Incubation: We empower aspiring entrepreneurs, helping to transform visionary ideas into thriving startups.


  • VR Technology: Venturing into virtual reality, we're developing immersive VR apps for entertainment, meditation, and mindfulness, showcasing our versatility and commitment to innovation.

Diverse Technologies, Singular Focus:

Our approach combines various technologies and methodologies to create a competitive advantage. We blend expertise from different fields, use our global network for local impact, and leverage real-world experience to enhance processes through versatile technology strategies.


The Evolution of Supply Chain Management:


  • Yesterday's Approach: Traditionally management-focused, with later models incorporating process and risk management.

  • Today's Reality: Modern operations intertwine technical aspects, including system infrastructure and sustainable development.


What We Need:

Innovative solutions merging management and technical expertise, aimed at expanding visibility and streamlining workflows through technological advancements.


Our Driving Force:

A forward-looking mindset and a commitment to sustainability propel us forward. We're shaping the future of supply chain management and beyond, embracing challenges in new technological frontiers.

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