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MH-Invelopment GmbH was founded in 08 / 2020 by Manuel Haupt.

Vision: Connecting people, components, machines, and robots within the physical and digital supply chain universe to enable sustainable and efficient workflows.

We love technology. We believe that technology will help us to enable sustainable and intelligent workflows.


We are helping to establish a higher grade of visibility into your supply chain workflows. Therefore, we offer different solutions for your technology transfer...more
We are convinced that:

(1) complexity of supply chain processes will increase,

(2) clear and deep visibility of your supply chain is a key factor to optimizing your business efficiency

(3) only with the help of different experts, technologies, and partners we can execute the best possible visibility!

There is not only one technology, one provider, or one method.

The combination will facilitate tomorrow's advantage.


We love to think interdisciplinary.

We are using a global reach and vast network to get up and run new business opportunities and technologies. Looking at real-life workflows we have the experience to enhance different processes with the help of various technology strategies. Our network consists of experts from different fields.



The supply chain was traditionally associated with management factors, such as planning, management support, relationship management. Later models include process- or risk management as well.


Supply chain operations are additionally associated with technical factors like system infrastructure, technology application, efficient system usage, network architecture, enacted technology acceptance, and sustainable development planning.


Innovative solutions integrating both management as well as technical factors. Therefore, expanding supply chain visibility, workflows, and processes due to technology enhancements. At the same time, we need to reduce complexity and increase safety.

This forward-looking mindset coupled with our robust and sustainable imprint is driving us. Today and Tomorrow!

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