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Start-up & sustainability

We are co-llaborate with different new market players that are covering various processes and workflows within supply chain challenges. We are also combining these technologies with existing global brands to enable faster technology transfer to projects and customers. For us it is a strategic goal to support start-ups & technologies that are bringing a modern and sustainable character into our supply chain universe. We are also working with venture partners together to enable further growth strategies.  

The following are examples of the companies we work with.

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fairsenden logo.png

With sustainable characteristics!

Founded in 2019 the company is developing, deploying, and using a sustainable and best in class routing algorithm for the last mile city logistic. 2022, Fairsenden was ranked under the TOP 30 BEST GERMAN COMPANIES AND STARTUPS within logistics.  

We are helping in building up a new and sustainable smart-city logistics provider. Different workflows and processes are rethought from scratch. Driven by various technologies and working methods we are helping to enable a fundamental new delivery service. Especially in that case our co-creation and vast network is a key to making it happen! We are proud to be a part of that journey!

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Assets as a Service!

CashOnLedger transforms the world's assets and makes them accessible and tradeable.  Our mission is to continually lower the bar to access assets by using the internet and technology to help asset owners, users, investors, and other stakeholders find, discover, and engage in new ways of maximizing the ecological and economical asset benefits.

CashOnLedger connects Industry 4.0 with financial services by enabling the usage-based billing of machines and fully automating payments - connecting machine usage directly to the financial cycle. We are the 360-degree solution for Asset-as-a-Service models and provide the technical infrastructure to enable data-driven business models for Industry 4.0, transform IoT data into financial value streams, and track the assets' lifecycle.

Based on the cash flow performance of real assets, we create new asset classes for investors, enabling the refinancing of Pay-per-Use and Asset-as-a-Service models on the one hand and answering investors' demand for new asset classes on the other. 


CashOnLedger has won the Fintech Germany Award 2021.




Founded in 2019, the team combines the vision of High-Performance Picking with the experience and passion in logistics. We have been working together from the beginning.


The interaction of employees in their environment combined with a hands-free wearable concept is the focus. Different integrations, sub-workflows and connections can be realized. Together with our network partners we are able to deliver different technology implementations. 

Click here for more information.

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Create Forests. Change Lives.  

Make sustainability simple.  

By planting trees, the company actively fight climate change, build habitat for endangered animal species, and create jobs with full-time income for local communities. 
The vision is to make planting trees an everyday habit. It makes our planet a healthier, fairer (and better) place for every being inhabiting it. Because in the end, we’re all sharing the same planet – and it’s the only one we’ve got. We believe it’s worth fighting for. 

MH-Invelopment and CLICK A TREE are building a cooperation to support the idea of planting trees. Together with our partners and customer projects we will enable further support while creating new jobs with full-time income for local communities. Beside planting of trees these communities have impact to collect ocean plastic, support education and much more.  

If you are interested into support that approach just let talk to each other. We are happy to enable technology and business transfer!   

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Connecting ideas and technologies. 
Digitization for you.

We support startups, investors, companies, and corporations in harnessing the potentials of digitization, generating growth, fostering innovations, exploring new markets, and thus fully leveraging the opportunities of the digital revolution.

Additionally, we offer tailored software development and consulting services for young or established businesses. Our focus here lies in the development of web and mobile applications, hybrid products, and all exciting realms revolving around the topic of digitization.

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