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Immersive Tech | Spatial Computing

Together with our extensive network, we offer the opportunity to integrate immersive technologies across various business operations.

This holistic approach can revolutionize the way you engage with digital environments, enhancing efficiency and interaction in numerous fields.

Before 2023, our journey included numerous projects involving data glasses in the industrial environment, particularly within supply chain workflows, as part of the wearable computing movement. Through these initiatives, we have forged strong relationships with various component manufacturers and software partners, enriching our expertise and expanding our capabilities.

The real strength of these technologies lies in overlaying virtual information into reality, providing employees with essential information precisely when and where it’s needed. This reduces the time spent searching for information or navigating complex menus on mobile devices like smartphones, handhelds, or tablets. You can also combine that in AI driven workflows to create even more efficient micro processes.

Beyond our core solutions, we are currently exploring the realms of Virtual Reality to test further technologies and add an element of fun. Our current projects include creating various VR experiences such as a relaxation app, and a VR gallery, among others. These applications are undergoing rigorous testing, and we believe that with the current and upcoming VR headsets, VR technology has now become suitable for the masses.

Our projects are not limited to pre-defined solutions; depending on your unique needs, we collaborate with experts and partners to tailor solutions that meet your specific requirements.

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