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Immersive Tech 

Together with our network we offer the possibility to integrate immersive technologies into your supply chain processes.

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The great advantage of overlaying virtual information into reality is to provide employees with targeted information at the right time and in the right place. This avoids unnecessary searches for information and complex menu navigation on mobile devices such as smartphones, handhelds or tablets. Consequently, efforts in employee training are reduced and working hours are saved in everyday operations.  

The field of immersive technologies in the supply chain is very broad and there are endless possibilities in practical use. The following applications are only examples and many more are possible. Depending on your needs, we draw on experts, partners and building blocks to implement your requirements.

We usually use progressive web apps. The advantage. No dependence on hardware and no need to install software. A standard web browser is enough. As different as the applications can be, as different the architectures can be defined in the background. From ready-made apps and pre-packaged SaaS solutions ready for white-labeling to an AR platform on which you can further develop and build solutions yourself, a multitude of implementations is possible. Thus, you can integrate all immersive applications directly into your own applications. 


We will provide more info soon!


Mobile pallet capture

| Incoming goods / outgoing goods ​

| Quality control ​
(instead of simple pictures, better data)​

| Dimensioning for improved storage​
(warehouse or loading in vehicles ​

| Object capture / idendification ​

| 3D model for database ​
(add-on service & better customer experience…)​

| New tech... & low cost ​
(standard browser technology, hardware independent)

Remote expert call

| Remote Expert sends a URL using any messaging ​app or email: SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp etc.​

| User opens the URL using a smart device which​ leads to the browser window in Chrome, Safari etc. ​and starts a video call​

| Remote expert provides instructions through ​the video call, supported by the ability to annotate ​and draw on the technician’s device’s field of view​

| All functionality via standard browsers on handheld, laptop, smartphone, PC, wearables etc - independent from hardware. No app installation required


3D asset mixed reality​

| Get your 3D data file (any 3d standard data format)​

| See your 3D object within your mobile browser and move it through intuitive UI​

| View in your space to place the object in your real world​
(you can place it and walk around to see how it fits)​

| Video example with AIMI click here

3D object capture / digital twin​

| Capture a barcode or object​

| Get further Information such as work instructions, documentation, how-to videos or workflows are placed on the object using mobile AR​

| take the 3D data instead of a single foto to catch more details (like for quality verification ​

| Optimize workflows or customer experiences

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