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Conception, Implementation & Purchasing Strategies (CIPS)

For our customers   


We are providing as an independent advisor multiple services to assist and guide your project team.

Besides individual purchasing and lifecycle analysis, we help your team to get transparency regarding market conditions. We are also offering technology audit breakdown and budget review. Moreover, we consider your overall company or project framework and help you to evaluate components, providers, or entire solutions. This will enable your team to operate faster and bring the technology transfer to life!

What is my advantage of booking MH-Invelopment during my tech project?

Providers or system integrators give you quite often excellent consulting and support for their portfolio. That perspective can be limited – especially within this fast and disruptive world. We love to think interdisciplinary, independent and we love to have a global picture. Project management, project planning, budget analysis, evaluation … we are offering depending on your project different services.

Technology partners and providers 

We help your sales department to select the right components and support your sales process.

On top of that, we can promote your offering to different customer levels and help you with go-to-market strategies. Especially for our start-up partners, we are offering services to enable technology transfer.


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