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AI Activities and Network 

Our services in the field of artificial intelligence

Algorithms | Artificial Intelligence | Machine learning | Generative AI | Explainable Artificial Intelligence. 

Typical words in todays everyday business and it is going even faster within the next time. Technological developments and the increasing presence of artificial intelligence have led us to take a close look at this topic. We have completed various trainings, tested tools and seen applications in operational business. We also have access to a strong network of experts with different areas of focus. Since 2023, we also have done different projects with customers and partners to improve workflows.  


Depending on your needs, we offer individual consulting sessions, hands-on training, workshops or support with the introduction of necessary tools. We also help establish AI-powered processes in your business operations as well as train instances!

That's usually the fun part. :- )


Our AI applications include classic tools that you know from mass media . However, numerous other applications have developed, which offer many advantages, especially for everyday operations.


We believe: There is no company area where AI is not important. Sales | Marketing | Intralogistics| Warehouse operations | Connected Retail | Field Operations and multiple more!

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