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Smart carpet

The smart carpet consists in part of an intelligently printed sensor mat and originates from the technology area: printed electronics. The field of printed electronics is a broad one that is constantly evolving. Improved processes in production, as well as cost-effective methods, enable new areas of application.

The smart carpet presented here is just one example. It is developed by InnovationLab. It emerged as an idea from the first Covid-19 wave. It helps with distance control between people in retail stores as well as counting people. Unlike camera-based systems, the data collection is different in terms of privacy.

Inside, a sensor matrix with almost 8,000 measuring units works at a distance of 1 cm. With this, steps can be distinguished but also objects like wheels of a shopping cart/baby carriage and others. Accordingly, different fields of application can be realized. In addition to the original idea such as distance control, for example, visitor flows or evaluations of marketing and promotion activities could be better examined. The generated data can be transferred to a cloud environment and to your backend system.

Besides the smart carpet, other smart surfaces can be created. Especially for production and logistics, this allows for completely new forms of data collection. Inventory monitoring systems for automatic stock tracking, intelligent load carriers, or shelf units are just a few examples of applications. Thanks to printing technology, these innovative approaches also remain cost-effective and energy-efficient.

What role does MH-Invelopment play in this?

We support you in the subject of printed electronics and give you an overview of the technological possibilities. Likewise, we can jointly develop, verify, and calculate your possible business case. This will give you a start. We help you to create your own smart product or to implement your smart workflow.

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