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Digitize your scale

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Weighing is one additional form of data capture and is needed within multiple applications. Warehouse operations, inventory management, connected retail are just a few examples of possible applications.

With the help of the Heavy Data IoT Cloud, we are able to digitize your scale applications. Therefore, your weighing data is available online at any time.

In addition, we can support you regarding the digitization of existing weighing systems (retrofit processes). Moreover, we combine that data capture process with existing ones to acquire more data for your analytics team or workforce. As a result, your efficiency will increase.

One example is demonstrated in the o.Lab. It is a smart shelf with an integrated scale. The system logs automatically every removal and filling. The data about the number of items as well as the weight are sent via a bus system to the heavy cloud.

PoCs or small projects can be implemented fast. The infrastructure and usability are standardized and partly plug-and-play.

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