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Nimmsta Wearable Computing within intralogistics

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

With the Nimmsta HS50 we can demonstrate a real handsfree workflow.

Typically a first demo consists of a wearable demo parcel with the hardware as well as a remote session. Here we show you how the device works and demonstrate the usability of the software.

Easier than you think!

Tracking goods or worker feedbacks are part of multiple business operations. Optimizing starts if the worker and the required computing power (concept of Ubiquitous Computing) are fully integrated into the workflow and no hard teaching is needed.

Different processes are possible, like in a warehouse, at a production facility, during a delivery service, or on the shop floor. Interaction is possible directly at the wearable. This significantly reduces the need for handheld operations and therefore enables a real handsfree workflow. Consequently, you can implement rugged smartphones into your strategy to reduce costs but at the same time use professional tools like remote management to fulfill your wearable strategy. One example is the Gigaset GX290 PRO as a Nimmsta recommended device.

You can also combine further technologies so that the frontline worker can interact with his environment. The software integration will be easily possible because of plugins that are already ready to use.

Please ask our team to design your use case. Furthermore, we will discuss the integration into your existing landscape to enable your technology transfer.

Download PDF • 5.06MB

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