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Last-mile logistics 

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Our consultants will offer you an in-depth market overview of last-mile logistics.

Which technologies and providers are currently establishing themselves and what are the biggest challenges? We analyze business, operational, technological, and environmental perspectives. Therefore, we have a look at established providers as well as start-ups and disruptive market entrants. We are providing market outlook and research. Efficency in the last mile brings profit and happy customers!

After that workshop, you will have a better understanding of the market. Moreover, you will have your own KPIs and you are able to select potential partners for your last-mile logistics project.

ou will have better insights into software integration and operations for your individual scenario. You will also be aware of what technologies will be necessary for last-mile operations.

Analysis cycle of last-mile logistics consulting

What can you gain?

At what point does it become worthwhile to cooperate with a provider for the last mile?

How can I compare services and incorporate them into my sales strategy?

How to connect software and interfaces regarding last-mile activities?

How can I successfully make the transition from e-commerce to q-commerce

and which strategies can be combined for returns management?

Please ask our team for your individual workshop!

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