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AutoID and advance level of data capture workshops

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Today, the logistics business is as much an information business as it is about moving products. If your company doesn't have freight data where you need it and when you need it, the shipment may as well not exist. The other sectors such as production, and healthcare also need data at every step of the workflow to reach the end point of the process. To capture these data, the technologies are evolving with time and data capture is becoming more and more intelligent.

The traditional technologies of data capture are barcode/QR recognition and RFID. Typically field of barcode reader, handhelds, or printer experts. Today, experts who are familiar with smart glasses or wearable scanners are also increasingly in demand. In addition, there are the areas of sensor technology and robotics, as human-machine interaction has become a decisive factor for success. Beyond that, there is the demand for image sensing or printed electronics and further IoT developments.

Therefore, we see numerous possibilities to capture data in your supply chain workflows. Our offering is simply to guide you within the field of capturing data. We provide you and your team with a landscape of technologies, partners, and manufacturers.

We offer workshops to identify together with you what could fit into your processes. We check technology aspects, TCO, costs, and usability as well as technology acceptance and sustainability aspects.

Please ask our team for your individual workshop!

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