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Zebra-Fetch Robotics


With the integration of Autonomous Mobile Robots, you can support your frontline workers and enhance automated warehouse workflows.  

Due to their ability to adapt and interact with their environment, they have been able to offload more tasks from humans and increase warehouse throughput. Nowadays, the technology adaptation of these systems is significantly shortened. On the one hand due to the significantly lower investment costs and on the other hand due to the simplified integration. 

Reasons to consider AMR technology within your organization are differentiated. Some examples are: 

  • Outsmart Labour shortages like fewer frontline workers and increasing education costs

  • Overall growing costs of frontline workers because of government regulations to pay minimum wages 

  • Pandemic has begun a new era of warehousing workflows 

  • Lower warehouse capacity because of expensive real estate pricing leads to using space more efficiently 


These factors accelerate the need for technology transfer in warehouses by promoting the use of AMRs. Because of the use of artificial intelligence and cloud technologies, integration into your warehouse can be completed in just a few days.

Time-consuming projects, planning sessions, and programming times are reduced and sometimes not even necessary.


How to deploy! Might be simpler than you think.


How it works!

Want to discuss your robotic project? Please send your request and let's talk about it!


How to deploy AMR!

We will work with you through to POC, incorporating a full warehouse visit and analysis, site survey, and test phase in collaboration with the Fetch robotics team at Zebra. 

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