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Updated: Dec 28, 2023

The Digital Allrounder​

Application examples of a mobile device today within supply chain workflows: ​

Barcode scanning including long distance or DPM ​


Communication and collaboration​

Processing power and Wearable Computing enablement​

Damage documentation​

Warehouse Management System workflows like incoming goods, inventory counting, picking or real-time retrieval​

Augmented Reality workflows​

Yard management​

Reality capture and Digital Twin​

Wiki  & tutorials​

HR service like vacation or travel expanses​

Time recording.

IT & Business integration to reconsider like:​

  • Enterprise Mobility Management​

  • Mobile Application Management​

  • Service, Repair and Maintenance​

  • High Level Cybersecurity​

  • Lifecycle Service​

  • Help Desk

The unrestrained demand for "mobility" concepts in the business environment and the ever-changing market conditions have prompted many decision-makers to adapt their strategies. We increasingly advise our customers on the selection of technologies in this area. Changed supply chains, price pressure or even application possibilities are always main topics of discussion. But especially also aspects of sustainability, life cycles, service concepts or price categories.

Due to technological developments, smartphones are increasingly being used in professional enterprise environments. These are now available in great variety and with different concepts. Gigaset deserves special mention here with its B2B approach, which takes sustainability into account in smartphone production as well as individual production starting at quantity ONE.   

Using smartphones to read a barcode or capture NFC and BT data have proven to be very helpful for supply chain workflows. The technology acceptance is there. Especially when combined with a software barcode decoder, such as Code Corporation's CortexScan, a smartphone transforms into a digital all-rounder. A demo of this can be found here: Code Corporation and the whitepaper.

Because of their performance, smartphones are also generally suitable as a cost-effective addition when implementing wearable computing concepts.  

For more information on CortexScan software, have a look at this CortexDecoder white-paper!

Download PDF • 315KB

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