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Recap 2023

As 2024 is just around the corner, let's revisit the most significant tech topics we were facing this year together with our network, customers, partners, and friends.

Starting with embedding cutting-edge 3D data capture into software eco system around rugged Smartphone / handheld technologies. Specifically, how to integrate mobile augmented reality (AR) workflows for entry level smartphones and enabling logistics processes like pallet capture.

We've explored and tested various next level tools of text to image | text to video | text to 3D-GPT | video to video | text to audio tools. Our journey into advanced simulation and customer interaction tools has opened new vistas for engaging experiences.

Together with our network we created a Customer-GPT private transformer-type chat model. This innovation is already being adopted by forward-thinking users for knowledge management, proving to be a powerful tool in our arsenal.

We have also worked with rethinking existing warehouse automation strategies. Our new strategies in warehouse automation have focused on simplifying system setups while enhancing sustainability and reducing project costs. Further activities to streamline logistics projects have been also a big driver this year. One example: We've conducted a Proof of Concept (PoC) in a major logistics project, addressing diverse workflows such as same-day, next-day, any-day deliveries, ship-from-store options, two-hour delivery windows, one & two-person handling, CO2-neutral operations, CO2 reporting, and minimizing packaging waste.

Further early-stage projects are already active. One upcoming initiative is supporting in building up a platform strategy within the e-bike market to transform bike maintenance processes.

Additionally, we are delving deeper into the metaverse, focusing on mixed reality applications. This includes exploring innovative ways to integrate virtual and augmented reality into everyday business and consumer experiences. A key objective in this domain is the development of VR applications designed specifically for employee wellness. These apps aim to offer immersive and engaging experiences that help employees destress and rejuvenate, contributing to a healthier, more balanced work environment.

This year has been marked by a wide array of ambitious projects, each showcasing our commitment to innovation and progress. We extend our deepest thanks to everyone who has contributed to these endeavors. Your support, expertise, and dedication have been instrumental in elevating our work to new heights. It is the collective effort and shared vision of our project teams that has enabled these achievements. As we look ahead, we are excited to continue this journey with you all, building on our successes and exploring new opportunities to innovate and excel.

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