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MH-Invelopment speaking at the Data Science Congress - Bochum 2023

Updated: Jan 5

On November 28, 2023, the Data Science Congress took place in Bochum, Germany. A highlight of this gathering was a panel discussion on a topic: "Talents, Technologies, Solutions: How Digital is Germany? MH-Invelopment contributed with insights and experiences at this congress for the first time. Beside the discussion there were multiple dialogues about mission critical topics of ML, AI und Cybersecurity.

It was very impressive to see how experts from different fields, such as retail, the energy industry, production, logistics, hospitals and automotive, looked at the technologies. In fact, the questions and expectations are different, as is the degree of usage. The German perspective also differs from the international approach. In many organizations, there are still plenty of processes that have not yet been digitized. The use of AI-driven processes can be a great opportunity to accelerate digitalization projects. At least that is our viewpoint as MH-Invelopment & Network.

There are also great opportunities in the start-up environment to easily solve various tasks digitally and with the help of AI-driven processes. This increases speed and sharpens the focus on the actual mission of the start-up. Many thanks to the organizers, all participants and happy processing!

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