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Operating system overview and outlook

OS Picture_blurr.png

The demand for mobile computers like handhelds, tablets, or rfid readers is increasing each day with different operating systems. That demand is driven by Android, holding the largest market share within this segment.


Within the enterprise environment, it is mandatory to track the current version of operating systems because of multiple reasons. Is the application running? Are latest security needs covered like security holes and bug fixes? Therefore, monitoring update or upgrade processes are critical to secure your mobile infrastructure.


Further reasons to be updated:

  • Better Security

  • Increased efficiency

  • Compatibility

  • Satisfied frontline workers

  • And much more!


How MH-Invelopment can help you?

Often it is a challenge to monitor the history and evolution of OS infrastructure. We will guide you within this strategic field and provide lifecycle strategies as well as OS history insights. Even OS-free workflows in combination with IoT applications are conceivable and we will verify what might be possible. Give us a call. Send us an email. Visit our website. Get connected to our network of resources and support team.

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