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o.Lab - supply chain augmentation

The o.Lab is a sales & marketing platform to promote technologies, success stories and build a place for innovation and co-creation. A growing number of partners from different tech companies are working together. 

The place is a real, hybrid, and virtual meeting space.


Goal: integrate as many different software and hardware components as required to make several operation automation PoCs successful.


Individual customer workshops

Digital or physical lab tour

PoC activities


We provide a technology-driven environment for you for events and seminars.

  • We help to coordinate, schedule, and track events in the o.Lab.

  • We help with preparation, registration, ushering, and feedback. 

  • We help to develop the right atmosphere in addition to a beneficial experience for participants.

  • Maintain a safe and healthy environment for the visitors.


You can book directly via MH-Invelopment. We provide guidance on the technologies inside the o.Lab. We will manage the event in coordination with the partners and stakeholders regarding your request and goal.

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