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E-commerce, q-commerce and sustainable logistics


The transformation of procurement channels in Europe was mainly influenced by technological developments in e-commerce.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, both retailers and logistics providers were put on a tough test. This has now resulted in innovative business models as well as workflows at established retailers, which are currently being tested. This development is combined with different methods, ways of thinking, and technologies. This gives rise to many questions.

How do products get to the customer today and tomorrow?

What do efficiency and sustainability mean for me as a retailer, but also for my customer?

How can logistics processes be combined and implemented more easily and flexibly?  

We can help you approach these and other questions in a workshop whether you are a retail and e-commerce or a q-commerce customer. In essence, it is about the developments in e-commerce, q-commerce, and the associated sustainable logistics. In addition, we offer you help in setting economic as well as ecological goals for your supply chain.


In doing so, we consider a regional, social, and societal change. We also analyze the degree of prevailing technology acceptance and the maturity of technology integration. We also look at your individual, organizational and historical structures. Profitability and public benefit are not always in conflict to create an innovative and sustainable logistics chain.  

Please feel free to contact us for your offer! 

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