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Assets as a Service!

CashOnLedger transforms the world's assets and makes them accessible and tradeable.  Our mission is to continually lower the bar to access assets by using the internet and technology to help asset owners, users, investors, and other stakeholders find, discover, and engage in new ways of maximizing the ecological and economical asset benefits.

CashOnLedger connects Industry 4.0 with financial services by enabling the usage-based billing of machines and fully automating payments - connecting machine usage directly to the financial cycle. We are the 360-degree solution for Asset-as-a-Service models and provide the technical infrastructure to enable data-driven business models for Industry 4.0, transform IoT data into financial value streams, and track the assets' lifecycle.

Based on the cash flow performance of real assets, we create new asset classes for investors, enabling the refinancing of Pay-per-Use and Asset-as-a-Service models on the one hand and answering investors' demand for new asset classes on the other. 


CashOnLedger has recently won the Fintech Germany Award 2021.

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