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Zebra Workforce Connect & Microsoft Teams

The collaboration of Zebra with Microsoft Teams is a next step to enhance the productivity of mobile computers. The efficiency of frontline workers is becoming a mission critical factor to ensure profitability.

There is huge impact to frontline workers due to Covid-19. For example, at the stores the frontline workers are reduced due to regulations. In the warehouse we have fewer points of contact and long distances which make communication difficult.

Hence, to meet the customer satisfaction as well as employee satisfaction organizations should provide efficient communication and collaboration tools.

We all know how easy it is in private life to chat or collaborate with people. But in business environments, especially in multiple frontline worker scenarios it is not so easy as it seems. Why – you have more levels of interaction and communication to cover. Therefore, features that stand out from standard use-cases or applications are Group Functionality, Locationing, Voice command, PXB voice calling, Role/Profile selection. There are multiple providers and solutions on the market to face that needs. Moreover, analytics of communication lines as well as detection of gaps are helpful instruments to strengthens the frontline workforce.

Now, Zebra and Microsoft announced a cooperation to enable a powerful possibility.

Zebra Workforce Connect was built, and continues to build, with the use cases of frontline workers whereas Microsoft Teams is collaboration focused on knowledge workers, with an edge for frontline workers.

Comparing Zebra WorkForce Connect and Microsoft Teams:

How MH-invelopment can help you?

We support and guide you to select the right workflow and tool. Moreover, we provide best practice workshops or presentations and give a market outlook about collaboration with frontline workers. Moreover, we will analyze your ways of communication and building the fundament to streamline your internal communication workflows. We also help you to find the right partner for your purchasing department.

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