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WMS, Data capture and Apps?

To operate an efficient Warehouse Management System (wms) it is necessary to combine multiple data capture methods and improve micro process workflows.

Therefore, it is important to check the possibilities of a system in terms of data acquisition and handling. Handhelds, mobile computers, barcode scanners, robots, wearable computer or IoT devices are just some examples. How to capture data with one platform is becoming a fundamental question within warehouse operations. It can be useful to consider an app-based approach for your warehouse operations instead of one monolithically wms system. Indeed, the data must be able to converge and be processed in an uncomplicated way. This sketch shows the complexity. As a result, technology transfer in the warehouse is no one-shot deal. You need to consider at every single workflow how to improve efficiency. Depending on your process, a customized wms application can be one solution. During the segmentation of workflows, you get a deeper look at your micro processes. Multiple processes will require different hardware and various interfaces into the backend systems.

Further questions of today you may consider while thinking about wms solutions or wms add-ons.

Plug and play Apps or monolithically systems?

Design Instead of programming?

Standard and flexibility or Standard vs. flexibility?

Do we need that?

New way of data processing – IoT world?

Frontline workers will be happy?

BI, process mining, prediction and?

How MH-Invelopment will help you?

We will support you in the process of logistic consulting and segment or categorize your workflows. We also have a broad network to create various interfaces regarding different data capture systems and back-end infrastructure.

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