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Terminal Emulation (TE) - A staple for enterprise mobility solutions!

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Some people often say, "Terminal emulators are out of date and are no longer needed in this fast-moving world of technology." Anyone who is even moderately familiar with terminal emulation would, without reservation, whole-heartedly disagree with that blanket assessment; and the reason is: mainframes. Mainframes, of course, accumulate momentous volumes of essential documents, records and files. Data that must be quickly and effortlessly accessible for those who require it.

A lot of supply chain environments are using a mix of new cloud based applications and TE. Today, TE continues to deliver the same easy-to-use mobility client for capturing mission-critical enterprise data as it has been for the past two decades. Even as mobile computing hardware has changed dramatically over time, companies big and small continue to use TE as a core component of their enterprise mobility deployments. Whether on a rugged, enterprise mobile computer or on today’s popular iOS or Android devices, companies depend on emulators.

There are various TE solutions for supply chain and across industries that works as productivity catalyst. Hence provides a way to take advantage of today's modern touchscreen devices with terminal emulation by transforming "green screen" application screens into easy-to-use, graphical screens with no changes to the underlying enterprise applications. Moreover, TE and the combination of wearable computing is a effective way to collect the right data.

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