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Rock Your Warehouse

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

In just two days, you can optimize your warehouse with the latest apps and technologies. Make yourself the star of your warehouse!

Your digital warehouse is just a click away. How? Together, with one of our network partners we are providing an app-based warehouse management approach. Processes like Incoming goods, Storage, Picking, Real-time retrieval, Pick & Pack or Inventory management are captured with a collection of different apps. Including web and Android apps. Companies can get their digital warehouse up and running within two days with Warehouse Star. Another unique feature of this collection is its ability to integrate other systems.

Which warehouse types are supported?

Various warehouse types and topologies, including manually operated block storage, pallet racking, racking for item picking and much more. One standard solution is configured for warehouse types that are manually operated by workers and forklift drivers equipped with mobile computers. With additional equipment, it also supports automated systems such as conveyors or stacker cranes.

What is the difference between Warehouse Star and other warehouse management systems?

It is all about ready-to-use apps for warehouse management and paperless processes. The platform is operated as SaaS (Software as a Service), standardized, and consists of interconnected apps for web browsers, mobile apps for Android smartphones and barcode scanners. It can be adapted flexible into existing backend systems or working independent.

How MH-Invelopment will help you?

We will support you in the process of logistic consulting and segment or categorize your workflows. We also have a broad network to create various interfaces regarding different data capture systems.

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