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Nimmsta & MH-Invelopment at Logimat 2023

Founded in 2019, the team combines the vision of High-Performance Picking with the experience and passion in logistics. We have been working together from the beginning.

During our recent encounter with the Nimmsta team at the LogiMat 2023, we gained further insights into their dedication to revolutionizing logistics. The team's commitment to High-Performance Picking, coupled with their hands-free wearable concept, was particularly evident. This innovative approach places a strong emphasis on the interaction of employees within their environment. There are multiple ways how wearable scanners or wearable computing tech was integrated into intralogistic processes within the last years. We need to work forward while making the workflows more productive as well as easier to integrate. The team of Nimmsta and MH-Invelopment are working on that workflows and are happy to discuss that with you.

Nimmsta's capability to realize different integrations, sub-workflows, and connections underscores their versatility. The collaborative efforts with their network partners enhance their capacity to deliver diverse technology implementations.

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