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Improve warehouse efficiency with mobile workstations

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

With increased demands for speed, efficiency and high competition, warehouse operators always search for ways to improve productivity. Mobile workstations are built for that purpose. This tool has many time-and cost-saving benefits, especially for warehouses and factory settings, where efficiency depends on true mobility.

Why is that topic interesting for MH-Invelopment?

Workstations are for example equipped with a computer, scanner and label printer. Traditional AutoID components. The employee and inventory do not have to travel to the main workstation to complete the task. Increase your productivity at the place where you need it.

Today also the concept of mobile workstation will be growing. Beside the AutoID equipment further features are helpful to capture data even more and simple. Capture real time environment with video and measure dimensions of objects. Capture weight of boxes on your station while using smart-surface technology with help of printed electronics. Capture LIDAR data to give warnings while employees are moving and use flexible battery techniques to get a maximum of mobility. We can provide different solution to partners, reseller, manufacturers or end-users.

Reasons why your warehouse needs a mobile workstation:

  • Speedup Data Capture and Inventory Handling

  • Improve the work process

  • Eliminate Extension Cords and Power Strips

  • Boost working conditions to make the employee efficient

The right solution for the warehouse and industry!

With the changing time, warehouses must embrace new ways to improve mobility and streamline processes. The application of mobile carts can eliminate hours spent on unnecessary trips, significantly improving speed and capture valuable data.

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