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Create Forests. Change Lives.  

Make sustainability simple.  

By planting trees, the company actively fight climate change, build habitat for endangered animal species, and create jobs with full-time income for local communities. 
The vision is to make planting trees an everyday habit. It makes our planet a healthier, fairer (and better) place for every being inhabiting it. Because in the end, we’re all sharing the same planet – and it’s the only one we’ve got. We believe it’s worth fighting for. 

MH-Invelopment and CLICK A TREE are building a cooperation to support the idea of planting trees. Together with our partners and customer projects we will enable further support while creating new jobs with full-time income for local communities. We also work together in the field of AR and VR to enable users to experience the projects. Beside planting of trees these communities have impact to collect ocean plastic, support education and much more.  

If you are interested into support that approach just let talk to each other. We are happy to enable technology and business transfer!   

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