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Automatic Identification (AutoID) & Data Capture

We are providing multiple services within the field of AutoID and Data capture. We have more than 10 years of experience and we are working with various partners in that field.


AutoID consists of 4 major elements. Marking (like labels or rfid tags); Data capture (like handheld computer, RFID reader, barcode scanner etc.), communication (like WiFi or LTE networks) and data processing (like Software and Apps).  

We advise you independently of manufacturers and with a focus on technology. Moreover, we show different approaches for data acquisition and processing. The possibilities are wide-ranging and offer high potential for the improvement of process flows.


In addition to barcode scanners, there are now sensors, drones, robots, smart surfaces and much more to capture data. But there is also a wide variety to mark data, such as with labels. Aspects of sustainability can also be incorporated here. Thus, the field of AutoID is very comprehensive and offers many potential applications. 

Supply chain disruption, labor constraints, and evolving customer behaviors are creating a need for adaptable and automated warehouse operations.


Source: Infographic powered by Zebra Technologies warehouse vision study

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