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| We enable your technology transfer

Make your operations visible.

Digitize your physical processes.
Enhance your workflows by integrating AI based tools.
Cultivate a futuristic and open-minded corporate culture.

Our services

| Our Services

Technology Transfer

Enabling seamless technology transfer across industries, multiple stakeholders, and technologies.


We are connecting individuals, partners, large enterprises and start-ups. We are organizing different events and growing our network continuously. 


We support your organization with additional services such as igniting start-ups, fueling ventures, and crafting concepts.


We providing IT Consulting, AI Consulting and Strategic Advisory Services


| Further Activities 


Our Solutions

​​We are helping to establish a higher grade of visibility into your workflows.

We are providing 4 fields of expertise to identifying blind spots within operations.


Our Industries

Our customers are coming from the following industries:

  • Warehouse and Distribution

  • Manufacturing

  • Field Operations

  • Transportation and Logistics

  • Retail & E-commerce

  • Healthcare

Typical we are working within the following workflows:

  • Intralogistics, Warehouse Operations & Last-Mile 

  • Marketing, HR & Sales

  • Stakeholder Integration

  • Connected Retail


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Transforming your physical data into digital data!

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Heidelberg | Germany

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