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Digitize your physical processes

Make your operations visible along the supply chain.
Enhance your operations by integrating AI based tools into your workflows.
Cultivate a futuristic and open-minded corporate culture.

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Our Services

Our services

Technology Transfer

We are helping to enable technology transfer within supply chain processes between multiple stakeholders as well as multiple technologies.

Vibrant Network

We are connecting individuals, partners, and start-ups. We are organizing different events and growing our network continuously. 

Conception, Implementation & Purchasing Strategies (CIPS)

We are supporting your organization depending on your technology stage with additional services to ensure transformation processes and accelerate your technology transfer.  


Consulting and Networking are part of our activities to drive new technologies and business development.


Our Solutions

Our Industries

Our customers are coming from the following industries:

  • Warehouse and Distribution

  • Manufacturing

  • Field Operations

  • Transportation and Logistics

  • Retail & E-commerce

Typical we are working within the following workflows:

  • Intralogistics

  • Warehouse operations

  • Inventory Management

  • Last-Mile logistics solutions

  • Connected Retail


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Transforming your physical data into digital data!

​​We are helping to establish a higher grade of visibility into your supply chain workflows.

We are providing 5 fields of expertise to identifying blind spots within your supply chain operations.

We start with workshops or studies and then proceed into collaborative projects.

Further Activities 


Want to discuss your project or your idea? Please send your request and let's talk about it!

Our Supply Chain Health check yields to give you transparency of your setup and provides visibility of current performance levers. 

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Heidelberg | Germany

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